Introducing Our New Baby

Baby P is home and doing great. First, we want to thank my in-laws, Bob & June, for quarantining and then coming up for weeks so that they stay bubbled with us from Thanksgiving until we got back from the hospital with baby P. P was born on December 10, 2020 and everyone is happy and healthy. Henry is learning what it means to have a little brother and is very sweet on him (but also frustrated to share mommy and daddy). We are sharing some pictures of the past week or so:

A New Bubble

We were devastated when our only option (within 30 minutes of our house) for daycare fell through. We need to get back to the office and we need H to get some socialization. Well, we are so happy to have enlarged our ‘bubble’ this fall. We have a friend who has offered to try-out doing childcare since H is the same age as her youngest. We’ve been watching the photos roll in of all their fun over the past weeks and we think we’ve got a really great situation here: