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Welcome to the website of the Revs. Scott & Carolyn Carnes family!  We are glad you stopped by.  Below you will find news and other posts about our family.  In the menu above you can learn more about us, as a couple, or learn about Scott or Carrie, professionally.  Scott also maintains two blogs, available above.

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Introducing Our New Baby 03 Jan 2021 - Baby P is home and doing great. First, we want to thank my in-laws, Bob & June, for quarantining and then coming up for weeks so that they stay bubbled with us from Thanksgiving until we got back from the hospital with baby P. P was born on December 10, 2020 and everyone is happy […]
A New Bubble 23 Nov 2020 - We were devastated when our only option (within 30 minutes of our house) for daycare fell through. We need to get back to the office and we need H to get some socialization. Well, we are so happy to have enlarged our ‘bubble’ this fall. We have a friend who has offered to try-out doing […]
COVID-19 & Family Time 27 Oct 2020 - Henry’s playroom was turned into a worship video studio, and, without childcare, Carrie and I take shifts (along with a high school student in the mornings) taking care of our son and trying to work full-time. It has been a challenge, but in the midst of all of the challenges we have spent a lot […]
At Home Already 10 Aug 2019 - It has been a short time since we moved into our new home in Abingdon and already I step over toys and wonder what neighbors must think of the toys in the yard and dogs barking. We have moved in. Not just into a house, but, because of this remarkable congregation and community, it feels […]
Wintery Well-being 30 Mar 2019 - Our little guy has barely had a week where he hasn’t been sick or under medical care this winter (since daycare began). We are told by our pediatrician that it is because of being in daycare and his age, but mostly when he was born. He was born so that he could hit cold and […]
Henry in Church 24 Dec 2018 - We have been incredibly blessed, as pastors, over the years. We have experienced loving churches…and, as a clergy couple, we’ve sometimes made that difficult, for instance, the churches seldom get to see our spouse. Both of our amazing churches were excited for the arrival of little H and when we returned from maternity leave (and, […]
Daycare 15 Nov 2018 - Paternity Leave is nearly over so daycare must soon begin and we’ve decided to start half day daycare this week, a few of the days, just to get him acclimated. It is overwhelming to let go of him and leave him with people that we basically don’t know (although we met and vetted the daycare, […]