A speech & song that changed an election. How are we doing as a nation, now, though? Do we just complain that our president hasn’t done enough on his own, or are we all actively working to change this world. As a people, do we believe, “Yes, We Can?”

As we approach an election year, let’s stop trying to find 1 person to fix things for us…I mean, that’s never going to happen!  Instead, let’s allow our current president (both now and a year from now) to lead us toward a more vital and beautiful world. Let’s stand together to make our world a better place where people have healthcare, where people can work, where people have a roof over their heads, where children don’t go hungry, and where the right to speech is protected. Let us stop relying upon fear of war (and terrorism) and let’s begin shifting our resources from acts of violence (war & ‘defense’) toward preserving and enhancing life.

I believe the best in people and I believe the best is possible for our country.  I believe ‘we can’, do you?