Teaching Children to Steal!!!
Image from:  http://yougottobekidding.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/more-wal-martians/

So, I’m embarrassed to say that I ran to Wal-Mart today for a few food items.  I’m embarrassed for several reasons:

  1. I supported Wal-Mart instead of the local grocery, but County Market doesn’t have the ice cream we REALLY like and that was the whole reason I went to the store,
  2. I went to the store for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and came out with Klondike Bars (made with brownies, fudge and ice cream) along with the ice cream and none of it was worth the calories in the end….Weightwatcher friends, I’m shamed…

Okay, so anyway, there I am in the check-out lane with my ice cream melting and next to me are some little girls holding the soda cooler door open yelling to find out their parents’ (three check-outs down) soda preferences.

Now all of this was not helping my headache, but otherwise nothing unusual.  It is Wal-Mart and you expect ill-behaved families to be there, but then it happened…

The little girls finally took two bottles of soda (Dr. Pepper and Diet Dr. Pepper) for their parents and on their way pulled off the wrappers, disposed of them at a check-out where there was no cashier and proceeded to take them to their parents who slipped them away.  I can’t say for sure or not whether they got paid for as I was too far away, but I believe I just witnessed two children who are trained to steal sodas for their (already) obese parents.

This is obscene.  I don’t know what else to say.