Republican or Democrat, Gay or Straight.
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As we enter an election cycle, I’ve been thinking about how we approach politics.  In our anxiety we fight and blame “the other side” for all of our troubles.  This blaming and back-and-forth is wonderful for the media and makes election coverage interesting and profitable, but what does it do for our country?  What does it mean for the people who are facing very tough troubles right now?

I don’t know how to solve all the world’s problems in an election cycle, but I do know how to improve a few lives at a time.  The church should be a place where all people feel welcomed.  You see, the body of Christ is not about being “right” or “wrong.”  It isn’t about being Republican or Democrat.  It isn’t about being gay or straight, or black or white.

The body of Christ is about relationships.  I am as bad as anyone about getting into arguments online, in fact, I maybe worse than most. Yet arguing isn’t really why we get on facebook, is it?  Aren’t we on-line in order that we can connect to others?  (Yes, I stole this from Len Sweet’s book “Viral”)   I think whether it is in the church, on the web, on the campaign trail, or in the halls of congress we will be a better people if we go about the process of building relationships not tearing them down.

I mean, gosh, what is the point?  When it comes down to it, life (or faith) isn’t about being right or wrong, but it is all about relationships.

I need to consider how I embrace people who are different from me (or have different opinions from me).  I need to be more open and receptive to other ideas, even those that fly in the face of my ideology or theology.  I need to be willing to show friendship despite differences and, perhaps, in the process, I will find Truth in the midst of debate; Christ in the midst of turmoil.

What about you?

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