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Welcome to the website of the Revs. Scott & Carolyn Carnes family!  We are glad you stopped by.  Below you will find news and other posts about our family.  In the menu above you can learn more about us, as a couple, or learn about Scott or Carrie, professionally.  Scott also maintains two blogs, available above.

All of the photography in the headers (above) are the work of Carolyn or Scott Carnes.


An Expressive Little Guy 06 Oct 2018 - Just a few pictures that speak louder than words…
+1 11 Aug 2018 - He has been 42 months in the making… On August 7 a few minutes after 2am Henry Lawrence Berry Carnes came into this world healthy and happy.  He weighed in at 7 lbs 1oz and is long… 21 & 1/4 inches. I am overwhelmed by experience of these past few days.  One can be mostly […]
Summer Camp 23 Jun 2018 - It has been three years since I last volunteered at church camp (I took a three year hiatus while I worked on my doctor of ministry three weeks each summer).  It was an amazing week.  Nicole Cox said it this way: “Another year of AIR camp behind us. And we are all richer for it. […]
A Trip to Scotland 04 May 2018 - f
Is the world ready for ANOTHER Carnes??? 14 Feb 2018 - Carrie and I are pleased to announce that we are (okay, she is) fourteen weeks pregnant.  If all goes well, we will welcome our firstborn child into this world in July.  Like most expectant parents, I imagine, we are apprehensive as we have loved our freedom and our life together, but we are also excited […]
Happy Holidays! 14 Dec 2017 - This isn’t exactly a traditional “Christmas letter,” but with such a long silence on our family blog I thought it time to share an update and wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This has been a tumultuous year for the Carnes family.  We have moved to a new city and both have […]
A Time of Transition 09 Apr 2017 - Three years ago we bought a home in Peoria and began new ministries: Carrie in Peoria and Scott in Hudson.  We were welcomed into those congregations and we have loved them, both.  It is with deeply conflicted emotions, therefore, that we share some news with our congregations, communities, family, and friends. Bishop Frank Beard has prayerfully […]